EatFit story

When Ranfi first started EatFit, he had a simple concept in mind: to make nutritious, healthy and great tasting meals easily accessible to everyone. It’s a rather simple concept, borne out of his own life experiences, having seen firsthand the importance of eating well in order to live better. For himself and his family.

Our goal is to assist you in reaching your goal! With the help of our team, we can create a diet just for you! We work hard to provide delicious meals that are also clean and healthy! Everyone's way of life is unique! Maintaining a nutritious but flavorful balanced diet while juggling daily life can be difficult! I changed my way of life, and you can, too! Through my own life experiences, I knew I could start a positive company that would make people's lives easier. That is why I became so interested in meal preparation.

Why EatFit?

Eatfit Meal Box

100% Organic

Only Thoughtful Ingredients

Sweet, Naturally

Designed by dietitians

Less Processed

More Nutrients

Healthy Delicious Meals

Our meals are designed to be both nutritious and delicious, from the farms to your plate. We carefully select each of our producers and suppliers to ensure high-quality ingredients that will support your physical, mental, and spiritual health. Seasonality, sustainability, and tastiness are at the heart of our chef-driven menu.

Sourcing with integrity

We believe in the healing power of whole foods. We believe that the source is important. As a result, we use grass-fed and grass-finished beef from farms we know and trust, as well as antibiotic- and hormone-free poultry and eggs. When it matters, our produce is organic, GMO-free, and grown as close to our kitchen as possible.

Customer service

We want you to be as happy with your experience as we are serving you. Your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us and we will always provide the most attentive and thorough customer service possible. We stand behind our product and our service fully, and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
The Man Behind EatFit

Since 2012

In 2012 I began my fitness journey and transformed my life! It became all I was about it was my LIFESTYLE. That same year I turned my passion into a career! I created my personal brand (RPfitness) I have now been a personal trainer for 7 years! I believed strongly in the world of entrepreneurs and had a drive to help others. Fast forward to 2015 I noticed a lot of my clients that were training with me were still struggling in the kitchen. I began to brainstorm from there my meal prepping ideas became reality.